by technique

Untitled, mixed technique on paper, 2001, 32 x 26 cm

32 x 26

Mixed Techniques on 32x26 Chromo paper, 2000 onward

The chemists, 2016, exhibition view

The Chemists

Yair Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2016

Eclipse 31 , 2011, industrial paint on paper, 20 X 20 cm


Eclipse series, 2011, industrial paint on paper, 20 X 20 cm

Unveiling Max, 2013, mixed technique on paper, 50 X 70 cm

The Incubator and the fan

Yair Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2014

Where to? (Red boat), 2011, industrial paint and Indian ink on paper, 66 X 56 cm

Fiery Grey

Yair Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2011

Untitled (Me and my Monkey) 2004, watercolors on paper, 100 X 70 cm


Painted 2003-2005

Aftermath, oil on unstretched canvas, 2008, 35 x 40 cm


Oil paintings 1988-2011

Under the lamplight and pits series, exhibition view

Under the Lamplight and Pits series

The Artists Studios Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2009

Office in Tel Aviv whole room, installation view, cut-out gouache-painted paper on wall, 2002

Wonderful Days in the Circus Divine

Installation, Office in Tel Aviv gallery, 2002

Untitled, 2000, industrial paint on paper, 32 X26 cm

New works

The Artists Studios Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2001

Untitled, 2009, oil on paper, 25 X 22 cm

Pits series

Mostly oil on paper, 2008-2009