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COME video, Barbur gallery, 2016, installation view

Jerusalem Drawing Biennale ends soon. Last day in Barbur: February 10th

COME video by Roy Efrat and me (music: Amotz Plessner) is showing in Barbur Gallery, Shirizli St. 6, Jerusalem.

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Thurs.: 16.00-20.00

Fri.: 11.00-14.00

Sat., Sun.: closed

Gallery talk with Playful Grounds curators Sally Haftel naveh and Masha Zusman and with some of the artists, will take place in Barbur on February 9th at 19.00

Artport Artbokks Fair 2017

Artport’s Art Book Fair

Artport’s Art Book Fair

Thursday through Saturday 26-28 Jan 2017

Opening: Thurs. 26 Jan, 6pm-11pm

יריד ספרי אמן בארטפורט

חמישי עד שבת 26-28.1.2017

פתיחה: יום חמישי, 26.1.2017, שעה: 18:00 עד 23:00